If you can't achieve the look yourself….I've failed at my job

Price list With a Little Explanation

Ok, so here’s the price list.  The reason some the services say ‘from’ is because not all heads are created equal.   If you have alot of hair and it takes me two hours to cut your hair, then you will be paying more then $65, just as if a woman comes in and wants a very short pixie cut with minimal styling, then I’m only going to  charge for a man’s cut.

I’m told one of my strongest skills is my consultation.   That’s the part where before you even change into a gown I  sit you down in my chair and  talk to you and really find out what you want and don’t want, what your budget for the year is, and sometimes I have to break the bad news to you that your hair is not capable of what you’re asking of it.

Men’s Haircut   $55

Men’s haircut begin with a head massage, then a shampoo, then a cut with cutting creame, then a rinse, and some finishing  (more cutting), finally a hot towel around the neck with peppermint oil and a neck shave.

Women’s haircut    from $65

Again begin with head massage, then shampoo and condition with Kerastase.  Cut, blow dry, dry cut to personalize, more blow drying with a boar hair bristle brush, style.

Wash and blow dry     from $45

Again if you come in with very little hair you won’t be paying $45, if however you have enormous amounts of hair and it takes extra product and time with me to achieve the look then the price will be accordling

Root Touch Up    from $70

One Process colour    from $80

Full highlights    from $140

Partial Highlights    from $90

express high lights   $60

Corrective Colour   Upon Consultation

Specialty Service

straightening    $100/ hour

Kerastase Treatments  $25 – 150


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