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Vertical Gardens and Perfect Veg.

I love surfing the web and reading the ‘shared’ links on Facebook.  I then get inspired by what other people are up to and I daydream about the what the future might be like.  Hence, here is another blog not about me or hair, but about ideas and developments in our world which captured my  imagination and interest.  And of course imbedded link(s) to the articles which inspired the blog post.

Not a blemish.  You got love the pinkish LED lights. Credit: Philips

Not a blemish. You got love the pinkish LED lights.
Credit: Philips

Do you remember those commercials back in the day where people would pick the fruit straight off the tree and eat it?   How about when you were a child playing outside and would drink rubbery tasting water directly out of the garden hose or the elderly auntie in the sun hat with the vegetable garden who loved to pull a carrot out the ground and maybe rinse it off  in the watering can of water and eat it?

Yeah, well nowadays we’re moving towards our produce being ‘sterile’ in growing conditions and wax like in total perfection.  Not only do we want it to look perfect, but we want to know what everything is that has gone into it while growing, oh and year round crops as well please.

And so welcome to the 21st century vertical gardens, where dirt and mother nature are just too dirty for words and would you really put something  into your mouth….from the ground? Eeeeewwh.

As I said, top that with the current need for perfect blemish free fruit and vegetables?  Many people don’t know this, but the current practice is to toss out misshapen fruit and vegetables?  They don’t even make it off the farm!  People, more thenever, are aware that not only do poisons come from pesticides, but also the water used to water the crops could be contaminated  as well or possible E. Coli contamination from the fertilizer.   Plus, add in rising fuel costs for transportation, and our farms have to be on the doorsteps of our cities.

Grove Labs’ personal indoor farm credit: Grove Labs

Grove Labs’ personal indoor farm
credit: Grove Labs

So fast forward 20 years, will we all have vertical gardens in our homes?  What is more luxurious then being able to pick a perfect squash or tomatoe off the wall for dinner and for it to be absolutely perfect, no worm holes?  Maybe not quite a wheat field growing across the roof top, and while we’ll still have to work on better farming methods, the next twenty years might see us focusing  less on consumerism and pointless spaces, (good by walk in closets just for shoes and massive spa like bathrooms) hello garden walls and indoor green rooms with our favorite fruit and veg.

So you know what to do petals, like the facebook page or come in and see me or send your friends in or random strangers with tragic hair who need me.  Your welcome.


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