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From Canada With Love

So first off, sorry for my absence in the last couple of weeks, I had a wicked flu/cold bug that put me flat on my back for two weeks.

But now to this week’s blog, you know how the Germans are so good at high tech things like ‘Das Auto’ and all things precisely engineered?  Yeeeaah, well according some online articles, the illustrious German companies have been so getting onboard with social media for marketing their company.  So, my social media teccrab logoguy, teccrab, is going all the way back to his native Germany at the end of this summer to teach them about social media.  Because Germans are extremely

he's coming.....

he’s coming…..

private compared to other cultures, the idea of putting your hobbies and personal views out there for all to see is just not done there.  However on a side note, nude sunbathing in the public parks is just fine.

So for instance, when you go to the local networking sites in Germany the companies will list the mailing address for the company and that’s it.   Compare that to our sites, where not only do you get an email, but quite often a cell number and usually some form of a biography on the staff, picture of the staff’s dogs and stuff to make you feel like you have a connecton to  the people other then just the service/product they’re offering.  The Germans on the other hand are almost pathologically shy about sharing anything other then their physical address.  Interesting that compared to what I’ve been finding here in Canada, a lot of people will post  a bio,an email address and cell number, but aren’t so forth coming as to their actual physical offices.  Could be the new trend of telecommuting and not bothering with a centralized physical office for the workers, but that’s a whole other blog.

The point is with social media that in order for it to work,  not only do your potential customers want to get to know you and your company/product but that they must find it easy to reach you.  Now usually you will do a blog or video blog or something which gives value added to your marketing, but lets just take a moment to gloat.  The people with some of the best engineered cars in the world are the most inept at one thing that Canadians excel at….Social Media marketing.

And on a closing note, may I just gently remind you petals to keep your websites/blogs up todate with your contact info, bios and blog posts?  Just saying.   Your welcome.




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