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OMG the Shame, The Cold Sweats!

So what would you do with $1200?   Go to Europe, get botox or dermal filler for a full year?  Think of all the hair servies you oud get with me!  You can do a lot with that money, but I’m tied to a particularly nasty habit which I can not control.


I want cheaper internet and tv with the good channels

OMG, the shame!  lol  I was in the the midst of cancelling my internet and tv for the summer and I couldn’t do it!   Don’t judge, oh alright, judge,  I did….geez.

Remember when we just had one landline and maybe basic cable or like myself, I had just the rabbit ears and yet I managed.  Just the thought now of not having internet contact makes me break out into a cold sweat.   So now I pay close to 150 a month for landline,the tv, and the internet.  The most I can whittle it down to is a promo package for $40 for six months and $85 after that for the internet and tv,  I’m okay loosing the landline.

When you consider that I have internet at work, on the cell phone and pretty much every coffee shop around me,….I could loose my internet….right?   NO,NO, here comes the sweats!  The shame of it I tell you…I’m not even that tech savvy, but what would happen if I needed to get my daily dose of news from the net or google the weight of a humming bird (I’m curious) and I wasn’t working and I didn’t want a coffee?  Would I just huddle in the corner of my living room hugging my dead laptop in a fetal position?

But to make my point, let’s go back to my college years in the late 80″s /early 90’s when I had a land line and answering machine and that was it for my bills other then hydro and rent.  My phone was $19 and I was happy with three free fuzzy channels from the rabbit ears on top of the tv.  Currently,  I have a cell phone bill (got internet), an internet bill,  tv (cheapest form of entertainment) and up to this past January a landline (my father wouldn’t call my cell).  If I were more tech savvy like my nephews, I’d just watch free pirated tv on the internet, but I keep messing that up as well (more shame petals).  And because it’s all on automatic payment, I just blindly keep paying once a month on the credit card, but once I started to add it all up…I felt a little taken for granted.

Maybe I need to start a new twelve step program, or start with only fours of internet/tv a day?  Nope, here comes the sweats again, guess I’m just going to have to keep paying the ‘dealer’, but at least I am not only  aware of what I’m paying per year in total damages, but what other uses I could do with that money…like use it for rehab.

Ok, so I’ve talked my way through this, I’m keeping the internet and tv, so maybe in the future I might just go cold turkey and cancel it all or not.  However, as I type this I have the internet going, the BBC 24 hour news channel is playing and I’m as content as any addict can be. Your welcome.


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