If you can't achieve the look yourself….I've failed at my job


So lets see how far out there from the topic ‘hair’ you all will let me go.  This is one of those blogs which underscore why I called it tanglethoughts.ca (the ca is because it’s Canadian eh).  When I’m not doing hair I love to crawl through the internet reading up on all sorts of various topics.  I just came across an online article last week on the Independent website with an article about Artificial Intelligence (AI) with some surprisely funny comments from Stephen Hawkins and whether it is a good thing or not.  I’ve always been excited by robotics, AI and the possiblities it poses.

Free image from the web We have Siri  currently being our assistant, Google is working on everyone having self driving cars in ten years, plus when you turn to possible future AI uses and what it might be capable of, good or bad, it seems we are on the verge of another version of a industrial revolution.  Did I forget to mention that Japan already has robotic sex dolls?  Yeah, well ending world hunger will come at a later date I guess. GEEZ

Stephen hawking brought up the the possibility in the article that while great good could come from AI, that also great harm could arise from it just as easily.   AI might be able to create cures for poverty,disease and end world hunger, but it could also create potential dangers with lethal military uses and right now might be a good time to discuss about where it’s all going while we have a baby AI and not a temperamental teen AI later on.

Can you imagine if I were to get replaced by an AI machine that was not only capable of technically creating a precision cut or doing chemical work, but also with it’s own artistic interpretation?  mmmm, wonder if it could run on time?

So check out the article and let me know what you think.  Being pretty is fabulous petals, but sooner or later you’ve got to throw a curve ball into the conversation to keep their interest.

Your welcome.



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